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Surrey NhW - protecting yourself from fraud and cybercrime - 3

Dear Surrey resident
Below is the third item of a series to update you on being safe online. This one is about keeping a backup of you data in case something does go wrong.
Please pass on to as many people as possible.
Martin Stilwell, chair Surrey NhW

A backup is a copy of your important data that's stored in a separate safe location, usually on the internet (known as cloud storage), or on removable media (such as USB stick, SD card, or external hard drive). Once you've made a backup, if you lose access to your original data - documents, photos and other files, or the entire contents of your phone/computer (including the apps and programs you use) - you can restore a copy of it from the backup.

You should back up anything that you value. That is, anything that would inconvenience you (for whatever reason) if you could no longer access it.

Backups are not just for recovering lost, erased, or inaccessible data. If you have a new device or computer, you can use backups to transfer your existing files, apps and settings across. Once you've made your backup, it's important to check that it contains all of your important data to make sure that your backup has worked.

Recovering files deleted in error is quicker than restoring an entire backup. Look for the 'recycle bin' and 'file history' features and make sure they are turned on. ‘File history’ (or 'snapshots') gives you an option to restore a file to a previous version, in case you need to undo a change.

More details on all of this is on the attached ‘infographic’.

Tim Tostevin
Cyberhood Watch Ambassador
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