Tue 19 March 2019

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Please find below, Minutes of the last Executive meeting of the Worthing NHW Association.
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Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

7.30 pm Monday 8th August at 2016 at Centenary House


Persons present: Terry Rickards (Chairman); David Wakefield; Alan Murrell; Pauline Reymond; Tim Drew (Secretary)


  1. Apologies for absence: PEO Helen Bubloz


  2. The Minutes of the Meeting dated the 13th June 2016 were received as a true and fair record of the events of that Meeting.


  3. Matters arising from the last Minutes: none.


  4. Chairman's Report:
    Terry Rickards reported that the bicycle marking sessions at Worthing Homes and the Maybridge Keystone Centre had proved a waste of time and would not be repeated, but the Velodrome event was a success (particularly on Friday) with good contact made with the Police, and Caroline Pusey of the Adur & Worthing Safer Communities Partnership was very supportive as was also Roy Barraclough. We will seek a different location next time, because on this occasion we were placed adjacent to a heavy metal rock band , the noise from which made conversation difficult.


    Our NHW and Crime Awareness event scheduled for Saturday 6th August had to be cancelled due to the positioning of the children's sand-pit in South Street, but the re-design of Montague Place will soon be completed and the next Event will be held there on Saturday 27th August.


    The Neighbourhood Alert system has improved and we have six new Co-ordinators, including two in Heene Road.


    A fair amount of correspondence has been received respecting the Police and Crime Plan for 2017-2. A police and crime plan reference group has been established to assist in the development of this plan, comprising representative members from Sussex Police, community safety and criminal justice partners, and PCC Katy Bourne has told us that we will be involved in this. The Southeast Regional Forum, which acted as a partnership forum and communications conduit across the South East, has now been disbanded.


    The on-going situation in respect of the new logo has yet to be sorted out and we are at odds with the Federation HQ, which has imposed some restrictions on the logo's use which are considered damaging and illogical.


  5. Treasurer's Report:
    We have around £1,300 in our account, the balance not having changed since the last Meeting. We will need to update the joint leaflet with, among other things, the new logo. Terry Rickards asked for any proposed changes to be submitted within 10 days and this was agreed.


  6. Speedwatch Report:
    David Wakefield reported only nine sessions in the past four weeks, but 89 vehicles had been picked, although only 62 letters had been sent out. One motorist had been clocked at 59 mph but he was only sent a letter. 125 sessions had been recorded in the year since April 2015 in which 780 vehicles were clocked and 11 multiple offenders recorded. 30 offenders had been clocked at speeds from 34 -59 mph. Goring Way has proved a good lookout point.


    On Saturday 22nd August we will be involved in European World Safety Week. Ed Mitchell had asked David if he could organise a programme which would highlight the nature of our activities to the public. Our new member from Offington (Diane Smith) is doing a great job but cannot manage evening shifts now.


  7. Task Force Report :
    Alan Murrell reported that the Task Force had continued to be very busy since the last Meeting, followed by the Hotham Park Country Fair where five members attended over three days and worked from 6.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. We could have done with four more members, but we made many friends, including the Mayor of Bognor ,and the duties included leading the Suffolk Punch horses. We have been asked to attend next year and also to help present inconsiderate parking at Woodside Road (Worthing FC) as we did for Worthing Town FC at Palatine Road.


    Alan had also received a call from the office of the Mayor of Worthing for the Task Force to provide road closure services for the Shoreham Community Service on 22nd August, and some of the members had been invited to Ropewalk to see the pumps which are used for dealing with floodwater. Once we are trained in their use, we can use them wherever necessary as they are transportable. Three team members helped in planting a water garden in Maltravers Road for which they were thanked at the the Team's AGM on 28th July by the Mayor of Littlehampton, Cllr. Ian Buckland, who said that the Task Force was always welcome in the town.


    New polo shirts have been ordered for the Task Force members and Martin Funnell will be our speaker at our AGM. The “Blue Light” services do not want to use our services due to insurance considerations, but we can go to areas likely to be affected areas and knock on doors warning people to get prepared and telling them where the evacuation centres are.


  8. Any Other Business:
    Terry Rickards said that we needed to make a fresh attempt to build up numbers. Tim Drew suggested offering monthly prizes in the “Worthing Herald”, as we did when Neighbourhood Watch was Police-led.


  9. Date of next Meeting:
    this will be the AGM and the date and venue will be Thursday 27th October 2016 at the Police Training Rooms (6.30 p.m for 7.00 p.m).


  10. There being no further business, the Meeting adjourned at 8.45 p.m.