Tue 19 March 2019

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The Role of Coordinator is not just about "The Sticker on the Door" or the Sign at the end of the Street.
WNHWA is here to promote, help, support and advise, but cannot make NHW in Worthing a significant and effective asset without your 'direct' assistance in attending meetings, recruiting new members and assisting with exhibitions and crime prevention operations.
Opportunities for you to assist in developing NHW in Worthing are many and varied. Perhaps joining our Speedwatch Team, to help keep our roads safer, or join the NHW Task Force, helping with community events and making our Neighbourhoods more resilient.
Whatever your circumstances you can do your bit as a Coordinator to help make Worthing  a safer place to live and work:
  1. Help promote and oversee the activities of NHW, with particular emphasis upon your designated geographical scheme area.
  2. Be proactive in helping to achieve all of the aims and objectives of NHW, leading by example, co-operating with and supporting the Police and other agencies where appropriate.
  3. Be a team player and support and assist the local NHW Committee to ensure that agreed tasks and objectives are addressed in a timely fashion and within any applicable constraints.
  4. Attend local NHW meetings, Neighbourhood Panels and other Community meetings and functions when possible, representing NHW as appropriate.
  5. Facilitate an effective communications process within NHW, and between NHW and the community. This includes contact with your Area Co-ordinator or Association and coordinators in neighbouring schemes.
  6. Ensure that you have access to E-mail and the internet (directly or indirectly), and seek facilities to print, copy or forward messages and newsletters to all scheme members.
  7. E-mail should be regularly monitored, responded to in a timely fashion and distributed using the bcc (blind carbon copy) facility to maintain privacy for your members.
    It is important that urgent messages are forwarded to members as soon as possible.
  8. Support and encourage NHW members, and act as a liaison between them, the Police and other Authorities.
  9. Encourage all members to ring the Police or Local Authority and report ALL incidents which may require attention. For urgent Police action dial 999. In other cases ring 101, or E-mail the Sussex Police Contact Centre at contact.centre@sussex.pnn.police.uk!
  10. Encourage full participation in your scheme by all residents; welcome new residents and introduce them to the scheme and other neighbours.
  11. Take particular care to assist the vulnerable, disabled, young and elderly and make a regular personal call, where appropriate.
  12. Schemes must be non-discriminatory on grounds of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, class, nationality, creed, colour, ethnic origin, political belief or disability.
  13. Be a catalyst for community goodwill and problem solving.
  14. Promote good home security and safety in your street. Encourage the marking of property, use of www.immobilise.com, the display of NHW window stickers, and the erection of street signs.
  15. Maintain on a confidential basis and in compliance with Data Protection legislation, an up to date list of all members of your scheme, and a note of residents who have declined to join.  The list should include the house, a resident adult’s name, phone no. and E-mail address. Upon request a copy should be given to a NHW Association representative and/or the Police.
  16. Develop and maintain your own Scheme, whilst encouraging and facilitating the development and maintenance of new and existing NHW schemes in your geographical area.
  17. Respect and maintain privacy and confidentiality in all matters where information is not public.
  18. Register your scheme on the national database www.ourwatch.org.uk and keep your details up to date. Encourage your members to similarly register their details within your scheme.
  19. If you wish to appoint a Deputy to assist you in this role, liase with your Area Coordinator, Association or the Police to ensure the suitability of the person and to enable them to provide any assistance needed.
  20. Should you wish to resign from your role, you should make reasonable attempts to find a replacement coordinator and inform your Area Coordinator, or NHW Association.