Mon 06 July 2020

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Following are a selection of Neighbourhood Watch Booklets, Leaflets, Posters and other Information that may be downloaded directly to your computer from this page.

Most of the documents are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) and may be viewed or printed using 'pdf reader' software. Most of these leaflets are quite small and should take just a few seconds to download with a reasonable broadband connection.

The E.I.S or Data-link Scheme is a national scheme to provide information to emergency services in the event of illness or emergency in your home.  The kit is designed for the elderly, the infirm and anyone who feels vulnerable living at home.  You may have an allergy, illness or condition that emergency services should be aware of should they be called to attend you at home.

SmartWater - The FORENSIC Property Marker
How SmartWater Works, when you subscribe to SmartWater, our scientists will create a forensic solution that is uniquely registered to you.
SmartWater’s Royal-Award winning technology is applied by simply dabbing the liquid into discreet, uneven surfaces of your personal possessions such as
jewellery, ornaments and electrical items as well as bicycles and motor vehicles.
• Each bottle carries a unique chemical ‘code’.
• Almost invisible under natural light but glows bright yellow under ultraviolet light.
• Virtually impossible to remove.
• More robust than DNA markers.
• Anything marked with SmartWater can be traced back to its true owner.
• Maintains a 100% conviction rate when used as evidence in Court.

The ultimate guide to avoiding Scams and Scammers

This leaflet produces by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust offers advice on keeping safe whilst out walking especially during the dark hours of winter

Winter comes but once a year and you need to keep your home safe in the dark cold days of the Season. Take the advice of the Sussex Police on how best to do it!

This information Sheet addresses concerns over the growing number of locks on the market claiming to be snap-proof are multiplying at an astonishing rate, but buyers still need to beware.

Criminals are not only interested in what is inside your home, they are just as likely to target items in your Shed or Garage and even in your garden.  Use this useful leaflet to help protect your "outside" property

incident_diary for Anti-social Behaviour Reporting
Use this leaflet to understand how to report ASB, Noise polution, Verbal Abuse, Rowdy Behaviour Graffiti, Littering, Anti-social driving, Gangs & FILL IN THE ATTACHED INCIDENT REPORT

A Home Office pack that includes a collection of information that has been gathered from a range of sources including police forces, key partners and academia. Within the pack, there are examples of, Lessons learnt, Example messages, Existing offender prevention campaigns.

Your practical guide to crime reduction
Protecting yourself and your family, safeguarding your property and building safer communities

Beating the Bogus Caller and Distraction Burglary
If in doubt keep them out!

A guide for carers & care professionals
Keep an eye open for bogus callers offer reassurance encourage good doorstep behaviour, assist the police, protect the elderly & the vulnerable.

Natures way to beat the Burglar.
Whilst Burglary into Homes has reduced substatially, SHED Breaks and theft of garden tools, furniture and machinery has increased substantially.

Don't advertise your belongings to thieves.
Practical advice on keeping yourself and your "things" safe!

Keep your Cards Safe and secure.
Safeguard your card and card details, Keep your PIN secret, shop online with confidence, use cash machines safely.  [Published jointly by Home Office and Card Watch].

Community action against Crime.
Neighbourhood Watch, the definitive Guide to safer Communities.

Protect your Outdoor Property
How to keep your Outdoor Property secure, Garden Tools Bicycles, Sheds & Outhouses

Security Tips for Motorists.
Car crime makes up nearly 20% of all recorded crimes in England and Wales. Car crime can be distressing and annoying as it can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Advice on Cycle Protection
More and more people are cycling, and this means more bicycles are in use. Unfortunately, more bicycles mean more opportunity for theft.
The British Crime Survey reports that more than half a million bicycles are stolen each year.

Peace of mind while you're away!
Advice on making your home and belongings more secure.

Your Business  Keep Crime Out
A Home Office produced booklet.
Helping the business community to reduce crime in small and medium-sized businesses.
It provides practical information to help businesses identify any security risks and take measures to reduce crime.

Help with Stalking.
The National Stalking Helpline is run by Suzy Lamplugh Trust; is freephone including free from most mobiles.
Calls to the Helpline are confidential and we do not use recording equipment.

No Valuables On Premises - Poster

Deter burglaries and thefts from unoccupied Shops, Offices and Outbuilding with this simple A4 Poster.

Say No to Doorsteppers
, a leaflet by West Sussex County Council
Dealing with unwanted callers at your door.

NHW_Members Guide The complete guide to Neighbourhood Watch.  What it is, What it does, How to become involved etc., etc,.